About us

Bestech is a company established to deliver engineering services and IT support. We provide both Engineering services and IT support, focusing mainly on the aerospace and automotive industries. The company was founded in response to the ever-growing demand for flexible services by both the strong players of European industry and smaller businesses that implement specialised contracts and projects.

Bestech delivers services in the form of comprehensive project processing as well as by hiring out specialists to the client’s work team in order to implement specific tasks. In this way, Bestech saves the client’s time while resources no longer need to be outsourced and specialists trained to process each task; neither does the client need to set up or expand its research and development department in the event of a sudden increase in workload.

Bestech deploys an individual approach towards each client to develop a detailed business plan in order to provide services best suited to the client’s needs and potential.
Our experience in the services we offer lies in ten years of successful project implementation in the Czech Republic and Germany. Testimonials to the quality of our services can be obtained from:

  • Airbus – DE, FR

  • Diehl Aircabin - DE

  • ZF Lenksysteme - DE

  • Ferchau Engineering – DE

  • Grammer AG – DE

  • Škoda Transportation - CZ

For further information see our Services.